VIP Agreement

VIP Guest/Influencer Agreement

Social Media Summit 2022 | April 23, 2022 – April 29, 2022 | Bodrum, Turkey


The following agreement is valid only if you received from us or from one of our Senior Ambassador the invitation for the event;2 The attendance to the event is confirmed just if we receive this agreement signed, hurry up to sign it, limited VIP KIT available. This agreement is made and entered into this date, by and between the Luxio Collection Limited and Influencer:
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  1. Influencer agrees to attend and to be present at the full program (in attachment) during the Event “Social Media Summit 2022” to be held between 23rd April, 2022 and 29th April, 2022 in Bodrum, TURKEY.
    1. The Influencer will be present at the inner-events organized by Luxio Collection Ltd. and will perform as “Luxio Ambassador” with VIP Status to inform his/her followers about the mentioned event in Bodrum and Luxio Collection LTD services (a list of services will be disclosed).
    2. Influencer will provide also a short BIO and picture in High Resolution for the web directory of the event.
  2. Expenses and Other Financial Considerations:
    Luxio Collection Ltd. (or its Affiliated Company) will grant to Influencer a 6 Nights (maximum) ULTRA ALL INCLUSIVE stay at the “Titanic Deluxe Bodrum” in Bodrum (Turkey).
    1. Luxio Collection Ltd. (or its Affiliated Company) will book and pay for double room accommodation (suitable for 2 persons) at a designated hotel for six (6) nights with all meals and drinks included at the mentioned Hotel.
    2. Influencer will complete the enclosed details and return to Luxio Collection Ltd. (also by your referent from the Elite Department) not late than 1st April, 2022 with his/her name and his/her room partner (if).
    3. Flight details (Arrivals and Departure date/time) have to be sent to our office not late than 10 April, 2022 in order to organize the pick-up transfer from the airport of Bodrum; in case of details are not sent to our office by the aformentioned date, no transfer will be reserved.
    4. Luxio Collection Ltd. will grant Influencer normal and customary ground transportation and attendance for all events of Social Media Summit 2022.
    5. Any expense items not specified above are expressly excluded (i.e. flights, room service, à la carte restaurant, phone calls, laundry, dry cleaning and other extras).
  3. The Influencer hereby grants permission to Luxio Collection Ltd to use his/her material as the only purpose and related to Social Media Summit week event and create posts and stories under the indications of the Company directly at the event dates and to be performed under verbal request.
      One story with Luxio Collection tag to inform followers prior the event in order to give the chance, to whom may concern, to attend the event as a guest.
      The Influencer will help organization to share the dates of the event (under his/her strategy and quantity) and the program in order to have maximum success and a good number of attendees;
      One Post minimum just for Luxio Collection (no other brands) to inform the followers about our services (details here) and one post review at the end of the event. (You have to keep the posts for at least 1 year).
      One post for the Hotel.
      Several stories explaining who is and what is doing Luxio Collection and about the event. Photos have to be done during the event and includes your presence;
      Follow @luxiocollection is mandatory;
      TAGS to be used: @luxiocollection - #luxiocollection - #luxioambassadors - #joinsavetravel - #titanicdeluxebodrum - @titanicdeluxebodrum.
  4. All requests for extra activities (excursions, trips, sport activity, etc...), deals, offers and other extra requests made to the Influencer by companies or entities not directly connected to Luxio Collection and its family brands, must to be done prior any confirmation and agreement, to avoid any kind of misunderstanding and competition with the event goals.
  5. The Influencer agree also that he will not compete with the goals and services of Luxio Ambassadors Program and /or Luxio Collection under any circumstances and will not disclose any kind of personal information of other influencers invited at the event and/or any details about how Luxio Collection operate and deals with its business partners and company goals. The Influencer authorizes the Luxio Collection Ltd. to use his/her name, likeness, photograph, and biographical data in connection with the use and promotion of any aspect of the Event including rebroadcast on a “virtual” basis.
  6. This agreement is binding on both parties and cannot be cancelled except as hereinafter provided. Luxio Collection Ltd. and the Influencer mutually agree that all parties shall be released from any and all liability or damages hereunder if Luxio Collection Ltd. or the Influencer is unable to fulfill the terms of this agreement due to an act of God, illness or physical disability of the Influencer, acts or regulations of public authorities, labor difficulties, civil tumult, strike, epidemic, flood, fire, interruption or delay of transportation, or any other cause beyond the control of the parties. It is understood that Luxio Collection LTD can change the dates and the location by informing the VIP / Influencer via email. In the event of a change of date or location, the organization cannot be held responsible for any inconvenience to the guest invited to participate.
    If, for any reason, the Influencer is delayed or cannot appear, the Influencer will promptly notify Luxio Collection Ltd. to arrange a mutually agreeable change of time and/or a substitute Influencer/VIP Guest. Any benefits under this agreement shall be transferred to the substitute Influencer, if any. If a change of date or substitute Influencer cannot be mutually agreed upon, Luxio Collection Ltd. and the Influencer agree that this Agreement is cancelled.
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