Vlady MUA

Make Up Artist

Vladyslav Rotaru, a young Makeup Artist and hair stylist of Russian origin, is known as Vlady Mua. Established in the world of fashion and showbiz for his incredible talent, he works with celebrities and influencers, working for brands of international importance.

He teaches at the University of Beauty in Vicenza, where he has set up intensive courses dedicated to the world of make-up and hair-styling, turning his experience not only to Italy, but also abroad.
The national press has paid a lot of attention to Vlady Mua by publishing his advice and highlighting his work with several covers. Her contribution as a make-up artist is also precious for the Milan fashion shows, during the usual fashion week.

In collaboration with the Mumi Cosmetics brand, four illuminants were born from the “My Muse Collection” inspired by four names of women, decisive in Vlady Mua’s career.

CHIARA, which represents the most eccentric and spontaneous side, is designed for those who love the hectic life, full of engaging evenings. It is a product with clear and iridescent nuances, reminiscent of the play of light of the “mirror ball”.

GAIA is everyday life, the more intimate and transparent side, rich in versatile, warm and slightly pink shades. It is designed for those who are at ease with themselves, touching the purest and most engaging side in the love of beauty and pure energy.

GIULIA, that is the social, charismatic and lover of visibility soul, without ever forgetting the firm principles. Designed for spirits determined to assert themselves, capable of transmitting hope and trust in the potential of others.
It is a product with warm and slightly bronze nuances.

DONATELLA tells the most creative side, the passionate and imaginative side, dedicated to a seductive and spirited woman, of impeccable determination and firmness.
The warm and coppery nuances, thanks to golden micro pearls, create a rich and luminous texture.



I think it’s responsibility of a designer to try to break rules and barriers.

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