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Born on December 3, 1993 in Russia. Start vlogging on YouTube in 2012 (MWaytv channel registered April 2, 2012). In 2015, Masha was awarded the "Like" award at the "Vidfest" festival in the "Like for Beauty" nomination. Masha worked as a presenter on the CTC Love channel. In 2017, she entered (together with Sasha Spielberg , Katya Klep , Yuri Dud and Max) a newly created council of bloggers under the State Duma of the Russian Federation.

In 2014, in the company of other most popular bloggers in the Russian-speaking segment, YouTube appeared on the cover of the November issue of the Russian version of Elle Girl MagazineAs of the beginning of 2015, about 1 million people subscribed to her YouTube channel , as of mid-May of that year, 1.6 million.

In early June 2015, Masha Wei was awarded the “Like” award at the ” Vidfest ” festival in the “Like for Beauty” nomination. She worked as a model in various advertising campaigns for beauty products (cosmetics).

In February 2016, she was (together with Sonya Yesman , TheBrianMaps and Katya Klap ) among four nominees for the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award in the Favorite Russian Video Blogger nomination, but at the March ceremony the prize went to Sonya Yesman. In addition, in the same 2016, YouTube included Masha in its March 8 list of the most influential female bloggers in Russia. Masha was in this list in 3rd place – after Katya Klep and Estonian and before Agnia Ogonyok and Marie Senn then wrote:

YouTube gave third place to Maria Wei (Kerimova), although she has a larger audience than Estonian. Wei started her blog in 2012 and today her channel has 2.5 million subscribers. Maria is convinced that “beauty is our main weapon.” She regularly tells her subscribers how to decorate their eyelashes for the holidays or how to turn into a Game of Thrones heroine with the help of makeup.“How much do the most popular girls of Russian YouTube earn” – , March 5, 2016

Soon Masha appeared (alone this time) on the cover of the April issue of Elle Girl magazine (released on March 18).

As of early April 2016, the channel had over 2 million subscribers and over 169 million views. (According to the aforementioned, already in early March there were 2.5 million subscribers.) Channel topics: cosmetics, skin care

On September 22, 2016, the horror film ” Dislike ” was released on cinema screens, in which Masha played the main role. As she said, the director of the film, Pavel Ruminov , contacted her after he saw one of her videos on the Internet:

“Director Pavel Ruminov wrote me an email almost a year ago. He saw one of my videos, in my opinion, “How to take a selfie.” And he wrote to me: I am a director and so on, I saw you … I decided that this was some kind of maniac, and added this letter to spam. I thought: “Lord, what a horror that only people don’t come up with ?!” Then he wrote again. And I think: “Okay, we need to see if there really is such a director.” And I found his film, which I really liked. It’s called “I’ll be there” – he received prizes for it – a cool film, sad, really. After I watched this film, I was shocked … And I answered him, we met and just talked. And so it came to the film itself. »“The new issue of Elle Girl with Masha Wei is on sale from March 18 – ElleGirl .ru, April 18, 2016″

The ratings of the film by critics and bloggers were negative, but nevertheless, movie lovers vividly discussed it. Since the film was widely shown in cinemas, it brought Masha even more popularity.


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