Chri Bertevello

Public Figure | Influencer

Christina Bertevello is one of the most eclectic web personalities: she is an influencer and fashion blogger, so much so that she can boast agreements and sponsorships with different brands, she works as a model, has a YouTube channel and even a musical career started under the pseudonym BADA $$ B

Christina Bertevello was born in Rome on May 22, 1996, under the zodiac sign of Gemini. He began his search for notoriety in 2014 between Instagram and, a platform where it was possible to ask anonymous questions to registered users, and in a short time he began to garner hundreds of followers thanks to its beauty. Over the years Christina has been careful to cultivate her image, gradually growing her fan base and thus attracting the attention of even big brands. In a few years she thus transformed her notoriety into a real career: from a simple influencer she became a fashion blogger, and was contacted by various names in the fashion world who asked her to share some products with her audience. At the same time she also launched her career as a model by participating in various photo shoots and embarked on an artistic adventure as a rapper under the pseudonym BADA $$ B, releasing some very successful singles such as Balliamo, which boasts millions of views on YouTube.


Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.

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