Anna Safroncik

Actress | TV Host

Anna Safroncik was born on January 4, 1981 in Kiev, Ukraine. The actress, daughter of the dancer and dance teacher Lilija Čapkis and tenor Javhenij Safroncik, began to approach the world of acting as a child. In fact, at the age of 4, she made her debut in the Tale of Tsar Saltan while at the age of 7 she enrolled at the National Academy of Performing Arts in Kiev, dedicating herself not only to the study of acting but also to dancing and singing. Today she is one of the Top VIPs of Italian Cinema and Television.

In 2000, he began his film career, playing in minor roles in Carlo Verdone’s There was a Chinese in a coma or in Francesco Calogero’s Metronotte. In 2001, he moved to the small screen and participated, again with minor roles, in fictional films such as Don Matteo, Vento di Ponente and Carabinieri.

Her career began to take off significantly in 2004 when she joined the cast of the soap opera Centovetrine, playing the wicked and cruel Anna Baldi until 2007.

In 2009, she returned to the big screen with the comedies La matassa and La bella società. Thanks to the notoriety obtained with the two films, she became the protagonist of the Mediaset fiction Le Tre Rose di Eva and starred in Il commissario Nardone. In 2014, he starred in Il Restauratore together with Lando Buzzanca.

What film did the actress make?
As for cinema, Anna Safroncik’s complete filmography includes the following titles:

  • C’era un cinese in coma, Directed by Carlo Verdone (2000)
  • Metronotte, Directed byFrancesco Calogero (2000);
  • Welcome Albania, Directed by Fabrizio Maria Cortese (2000);
  • La matassa, Directed by Salvatore Ficarra, Valentino Picone e Giambattista Avellino (2009;
  • La bella società, Directed by Gian Paolo Cugno (2009);
  • Nine, Directed by Rob Marshall (2009);
  • Poli opposti, Directed by Max Croci (2015);
  • Il traduttore, Directed by Massimo Natale (2016);
  • Le verità, Directed by Giuseppe Alessio Nuzzo (2017);
  • Il cacio con le pere, Directed by Luca Calvani (2020).

In Television:

  • Angelo il custode – series TV (2001);
  • Carabinieri – series TV (2002);
  • Don Matteo – series TV (2002);
  • Vento di ponente – series TV (2002-2004);
  • CentoVetrine – soap opera (2004-2007) – Anna Baldi;
  • La figlia di Elisa – Ritorno a Rivombrosa – series TV (2007);
  • Al di là del lago, Directed by Stefano Reali – Movie TV (2009);
  • Il falco e la colomba, Directed by Giorgio Serafini – series TV (2009);
  • Il ritmo della vita, Directed byRossella Izzo – Movie TV (2010);
  • Il commissario Manara (s2) – series TV (2011);
  • Il commissario Nardone – series TV (2012);
  • Le tre rose di Eva – series TV (2012-2018);
  • Gli anni spezzati – series TV (2014);
  • Il restauratore (s2) – series TV (2014);
  • Camera Café – (2017);
  • Stanotte con Caravaggio (2020);
  • Meraviglie – La penisola dei tesori (2022).


Cinema is a mirror by which we often see ourselves.

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