Alice Bertoletti

Public Figure | Broker

Alice Bertoletti, 24 years from the Province of Prato, is one of those who leave you speechless. But in addition Indeed, much more. First of all, an upcoming degree in Political Science with a specialization in Communication.

I started working in the image world since I was 16, first as a Miss in cycling competitions, then for photo shoots. Yet, I have always lived everything with my feet firmly planted on the ground. Just think that until two years ago I didn’t even have social networks …

Today, however, your Instagram profile travels towards 250,000 …

It goes without saying that in Tuscany there are few of us who have my numbers. When I started, I chose to do it with conviction, giving my account a professional imprint. This choice has paid off in the long run: I’ve always done everything myself, without going down to easy games to increase the number. After all, just post quality content and get involved as you are … to please people! Of course, this sounds easy, but commitment and dedication are required. Qualities that I am not lacking!

i Alice Bertoletti there was a lot of talk on TV …

I participated in Ciao Darwin in 2019 to defend Fiorentina, a beautiful experience that amused me! In addition to TV, I collaborated with DolceRiva Collection, Idresstoimpress, Inkover streetwear, katchme as an ambassador. I like collaborations with brands, it is a path that I want to follow without obsessions. I want to be able to choose my path, always and in any case.


Live for each second without hesitation.

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