Alessandro Zarino

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Alessandro Zarino è un modello di livello internazionale e insegnante di crossfit. E’ conosciuto principalmente per essere stato uno dei single del docu-reality di canale 5: Temptation Island 2019

Alessandro Zarino is a Crossfit model and teacher originally from Naples, where he was born on March 28, 1991. He has a sister named Chiara who helped to enter the world of fashion: it was she who sent the important Elite agency of brother’s photo. Alessandro, however, did not always live in Naples but for a long time also in Australia, precisely in Sidney. Here he taught in the Bondi gym and made numerous fashion photo shoots. He also lived in Milan and now that he is back in Italy we do not know if he is established in Naples or back in Milan. Alessandro also has a grandson whom he often compares in his Instagram photos. In 2016 he was engaged to a girl named Kristina: the two seemed very close but it is over for some time. Alessandro is a very determined boy: he himself declared in an interview that he managed to establish himself as a model worldwide thanks to his character and his always being himself even with important people.

Alessandro Zarino works as a model and has also quickly become a television personality. He has managed, over the years, to enter the important Elite agency after winning the Elite Model Look. The boy, as we said above, had been noticed by some photos that his sister had sent to the angenzia. From there he immediately started working and his first major show was for Louis Vuitton, in Paris. It was in fact the second ever Italian model that walked the runway for Louis Vuitton. Subsequently Alessandro worked for many other high fashion brands around the world.

Among his photos we can see shooting for Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Philippe Plein and other famous fashion brands. In particular, in a show for DSquared in London, Alessandro found himself at the table with Naomi Campbell! Alessandro is therefore a model by profession but he was also, in Australia, a Crossfit teacher. In general, sport, the gym and attention to the physical appearance are one of his great passions. In 2019 he participates as a single and tempter in Temptation Island 2019 where he immediately becomes the protagonist of a flirtation with the beautiful girlfriend Jessica Battistello. Currently Alessandro Zarino is officially a new tronista of Men and Women for the 2019-2020 season.



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