Alessandra Gilioli

Model | Lifestyle Influencer

Alessandra Gilioli, 25 years old Bocconi Graduation in economics. She has had numerous experiences as a model for various brands such as Motivi, Sephora, etc. She also participated as a protagonist in music videos.

Alessandra Gilioli, Milanese doc and Bocconi graduate, today gives an interview for JFM. The redhead who is igniting instagram with her sexy shots. An introspective look that enters our eyes through a simple photo. Thanks to his studies, today he can devote himself 100% to his work, that of photography. Alessandra Gilioli, born under the sign of scorpio, the zodiac is what has most distinguished the life of Alessandra so far, a girl with an icy gaze but with a temper of fire. Her hair is also flamboyant, which over time has changed colors and shapes countless times according to her changing moods. But the real question is who is Alessandra Gilioli? Well … perhaps she is not yet able to answer this question: she graduated from Bocconi University in Milan and will soon undertake a Masters in economics at Sole 24 ore, she has recently decided to make her profile public, leaving speak his image and his photographs in his stead. But don’t be fooled by what you see: its most intriguing part, as a good scorpion, remains reserved for a very few “chosen ones”.


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