2nd Edition ended up! See you next year! Build your Future
& Meet the Bloggers
MAY 3-10 2023, (TBD) We are preparing already the new Summit

Social Media Summit 2022

Discover the 2nd Edition

In this ever-changing world and in the hands of digital content, bloggers, influencers and creators of digital products are the protagonists. With the Social Media Summit we wanted to create an opportunity for all social creators exclusively for them and all the people who love this world and who would like to be part of it. Discover here who will attend and take part of it.

This one-of-a-kind week-long 2nd Edition Summit will take place in Bodrum (TURKEY), full of fun, music events,  Best Digital Content Awards,  Digital Conference, exclusive inner-events where you can socialize meeting other bloggers, influencers and celebrities (and their fans). Check out the full program!

About the Summit

The Summit is a special meeting for sharing knowledge, connections and a networking hub related to the tourism industries and social media marketing strategy for companies, organizations and individuals. More than 50 TOP International Influencers, Bloggers and Celebrities, for an audience of more than 60 million followers, will attend the event, where to build a fantastic atmosphere, unique attendees and where to get new, smartest ways to influence the economic development, create collaborative opportunity and stimulate industry growth. The event aims to help new markets go further, faster, to make the tourism and collateral business world better, sooner and in tracks with the digital era, enabling every business to compete within the global arena.